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Game Review: ‘Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack’ from Big G Creative

The Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack from Big G Creative brings some of the most recognizable dinner-table brands to the gaming table. The clever packaging is so realistic that people will have to take a second look or they might accidentally put these games in the pantry. In addition to the sly similarity to the iconic foods, each of the games inside is packed with fun.

JELL-O Jiggler Slap is a reflexes and collection card game for two or more players aged eight and up. It is the most “kiddie” of the suite of games, meaning that its rules are the easiest to learn and the gameplay is the fastest. Players lay out Jiggler cards on the table and take turns drawing from the JELL-O deck, seeking to be the first to slap one of the matching cards with their right or left hand as determined by the card. A bonus game has players passing cards in the classic style of Spoons with the winner being the first person to collect four-of-a-kind to grab a Jiggler card.

Heinz Ketchup Dice Game is a press-your-luck game for two or more players aged eight and up. The bottle container opens up with its lower half being a dice cup for rolling. Players take turns rolling, then choosing whether to cash in points or try to re-roll for a better score. They may gain points from rolling ketchup labels or bottles, or they may even lose points rolling too many mustard or sweet relish labels. This is a game that requires quick calculations based on the dice to optimize points, since players have to score exactly 57 points without going over to win, but it all stems from the luck of the roll.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Game is a card-shedding game for three to six players aged eight and up. Players deal out the deck and noodle tokens and then take turns rolling the dice and laying a card that matches that number. If they do not have a matching card, everyone else gets a chance to discard. To heighten the pressure, every time someone rolls a seven, players must toss increasing amounts of noodle tokens into the pot.

Running out of noodles means being booted from the game, so players will need to use their Cheesasaurus Rex wild cards carefully. The first player to empty their hand or the last person to still have noodles is the winner.

With these two mechanics in action, players will need to be mindful not only of what rolls they need but also how many noodles they have left.

The Kraft Heinz Variety Game Pack is a three-fold collection perfect for family game night. Each game is short, lasting 15 or so minutes. With diversity and speedy gameplay, players will eagerly choose to play again or to move through all three games for a master championship.

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