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Luci inflatable solar lanterns are a perfect solution to lighting up the outdoors at night. They're fun, easy to use and just plain perfect.

Gadget Review: Luci Inflatable Solar Lanterns by MPOWERD

Luci Lantern by MPOWERDFor a product, simplicity of use does not always mean simple construction. The easiest or most straightforward problem you’re trying to solve can require complex design and efficiency. For a reviewer there is rarely a better moment then coming across the combination of ease of use, quality of build and perfection of direction.

The Luci inflatable solar lamps by MPOWERD are perfect. Lightweight, easily packed for camping or whatever road trip you have in mind, and rechargeable by the sun, they provide bright light in a variety of styles. The Luci Aura shines in a rainbow of colors, and has a setting to rotate softly through them all. The Luci Lux has three settings for its frosted, warm light; bright, brighter, and blinking. The original Luci is the same as the Lux without the frosting in the skin, so it’s a crisp, clean white light with the same three settings.

The Luci lamps are also waterproof, so they are great for pool fun at night, lighting up the inside of your camping tent, or just hanging out in the yard with your friends. There are plastic straps on both sides, so the lamp can also easily be held while walking around or hung from wherever.

Luci Aura LanternThe lamps take eight hours to charge fully, but give back 12 hours of use at the bright setting. They light up approximately a 10-square-foot area, so you don’t need to huddle super-close as with some other outdoor lighting. They collapse and are easily packed up, but even more impressively, they weigh only four ounces, so won’t add anything much to the burden of your camping or hiking backpacks.

The Luci inflatable solar lanterns are a perfect solution for lighting up the outdoors at night. They’re fun, easy to use and just plain perfect.

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