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The Fruiti Freeze is a dessert engine, pumping out treat after treat until your freezer runs out of ingredients.

Gadget Review: Fruiti Freeze – Homemade Frozen Desserts!

After a near lifetime of eating mountains of candy, drinking rivers of soda and consuming enough pizza to replace all the cobblestones in Italy, I decided it was high time to try something a little healthier. There are tons of health food options on the market, more everyday, but if you’re a connoisseur of sweets like myself, many of those options just don’t cut it. I needed something that would fill that after dinner craving, a dessert that wouldn’t have me laying in bed groaning about my bad life choices.

I have found one such item, the Fruiti Freeze.

Fruiti Freeze

The Fruiti Freeze is not a blender, juicer or ice cream maker. It is a frozen dessert creation engine, only held back by your own culinary imagination. You drop slightly thawed frozen fruits in the top and it spits out an all-natural frozen smoothie style treat. Tasty, easy and even your kids can run it.

Right away I was excited by the possibilities of dozens and dozens of dessert recipes and the instruction book gets you started with a handful of suggestions. The base of all of them is bananas, so if you’re allergic to them (as my wife used to be), you will need to hunt down another option with similar consistency. The banana looks to be one of the perfect fruits for pure mass, flavor mixing and texture. Also, yogurt is also used in many of the sample recipes so more substitutions would need to be made for those dairy-intolerant folks, like myself. Yet, as I mentioned earlier, the machine is only held back by your ability to experiment.

Making sure the fruit is frozen, then slightly thawed, gives the result the frozen treat consistency you want. I think if you trial non-frozen items you might find it watery and unpleasant.

While it may take some time, trial and error to find the best creations, one thing that doesn’t taken any time at all is cleaning up. The Fruiti Freeze breaks Fruiti Freezedown quickly and easily. It’s recommended for hand-washing only (no dishwasher usage) but I think everyone out there using one of these can spare the extra couple minutes. You can work off all the extra chocolate chips you sprinkled on top.


For parents, the Fruiti Freeze is a sneak attack in the war against your kids over healthy foods. You control exactly what goes in. It is not a quiet device, but it’s no louder than your ordinary blender.

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