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The Clug is one of those brilliantly simple products born out of necessity that will make any cyclist's home a touch more stylish.

Gadget Review: Clug – The Simple and Stylish Bike Holder

We live in a world that increasingly tells us to prioritize conflicting things. For example: don’t use up so much space, but also make sure to own enough exercise equipment to keep you nearly immortal. If you have a bike, it’s likely one of the biggest items in your activity arsenal, and finding a place to keep it can present any number of problems. That’s where Clug comes in.
clug bike mount
Ad advertised, the Clug is like a hug for your bike. This stylish and amazingly simple device quickly mounts to your wall. You roll the bike up and into the groove, and that’s it. As long as you’ve made sure to buy the right size Clug, the grip will be incredibly sturdy without making it a gargantuan effort to remove the bike.

This tiny plastic invention replaces any number of pieces, parts, and contraptions meant to hold your bike out of the way. For people in dense metropolitan areas and tiny apartments, the Clug could be a true space saver if you’re forced to keep your bikes indoors, especially if you have two or more.

When I first opened the box, I was unsure I had actually received the whole thing. I didn’t imagine everything I needed would be in such a tiny box. But the thought put into the product is carried through the packaging as well. Inside you’ll find the only two screws you’ll need, plus a mounting map that allows you to mark your holes on the wall even before you touch the Clug itself.

Also, don’t be put off by the image of everyone mounting their bikes on the wall, because the Clug can just as easily be mounted on the floor for a more standard “bike rack” set up.

Coming in three sizes, Roadie (1-1.25″ width), Hybrid (1.3-1.75″), and MTB (1.8-2.5″), the Clug is ready to take on any bike you can ride into it. Plus, it costs only $20 (plus shipping) to eliminate the worry about mounting your bike and everyone else’s in the family.

The Clug is one of those brilliantly simple products born out of necessity that will make any cyclist’s home a touch more stylish.

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