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So much fun to fly and an incredibly quick learning curve.

Gadget Review: Axis TURBO-X Drone

Yes, we live in a time when owners of drones need to register them with the government, but I wonder if this little copter from Axis slips under the requirements. The TURBO-X Drone measures only 42mm x 42mm.
Axis TURBO-X Drone

Yes, it is really that tiny, but it is not the smallest one this company makes. That honor belongs to the Axis AERIUS Drone, measuring only 3cm x 3cm x 2cm.

The setup for the TURBO-X Drone is incredibly simple. You just turn on the copter, turn on the controller, and push the left joystick up and down once in order to pair the two devices. After that, you’re ready to fly. Proceed to Runway 6 and begin terrorizing your infants or pets at your leisure.

Actually, my son Logan is curious about it, but not frightened, while all of our five cats are fairly sure the drone is a demon coming to take revenge on them. It is louder than you would expect for such a tiny device, but with four propellers spinning so quickly, that’s understandable.

It does have a rather short flight time, around seven minutes, but it also only takes about 20 minutes to get it fully charged again. Also, because it’s so small, the battery storage is equally tiny.

Moving on to the controls: I am really impressed with the handling and how sensitive it is. At first it will likely be infuriating because you’ll find yourself overcorrecting every movement, but once you get the swing and a delicate touch on the controller, the maneuverability cannot be denied.

There are three speed settings, so you can start at the slowest to prepare yourself for the higher speeds. There is a warning about not using the highest speed setting indoors, but I also found that flying it outside can be tough in any sort of wind since it is so small. No matter where you are flying, watch out for other people. A straight-on dive bomb from this could hurt.

If you want to show off in front of your friends, the drone also comes with a pre-programmed 360-degree 3D flip-and-roll. Don’t tell them it’s preset though; just smile and agree at how mad your skills are.

With so many drone-style toys hitting the market, the Axis TURBO-X Drone is reasonably priced at $40 and makes and awesome gift for pretty much anyone.

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