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There are a plethora of cases on the market, each one catering to a different danger or scenario, but iHome went for gold in designing its new ARMO cases.

Gadget Review: ARMO iPhone case from iHome

No matter how many objects you have in your hand in one terribly clumsy moment, odds are you will damage beyond repair the most expensive thing that hits the ground. All the other knickknacks, trivial crap and pocket cargo will be absolutely fine, but the $800 phone you just bought will dreadfully smash into horrid bits of plastic, metal and glass. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to my wife twice already. Once the phone only fell inches from her pocket to the ground and the screen still fractured from top to bottom. Now there are a plethora of cases on the market, each one catering to a different danger or scenario, but iHome went for gold in designing its new ARMO cases.

iPad version of ARMO case shown here

I’ve always lived on the edge of disaster by not having a case for my iPhone. The main reason is I’m to used to keeping it in my pocket versus on my belt and I live what could be referred to as a fairly non-extreme lifestyle. But for those who hike, get outdoors, mountain bike and all sorts of other rugged activities, carrying your phone may not only be uncomfortable in your pocket (if you even have pockets), but potentially dangerous since it could slip out and be damaged or lost completely. The belt/pocket clip on the ARMO case is more than sturdy enough to hold on through whatever you dare to put it through.

For me, the most important aspect of any protective case is how useable the phone is while inside its cocoon of safety. I was shocked at how responsive the iPhone screen was underneath the screen protector in the ARMO. It was like nothing was there at all, even the tactile nature of the screen is similar to the front of the phone, so you really lose nothing in that area. The home button is a little sturdy and you don’t get that responsive click you’re used you, but after a little time you get used to it. My only other issue is getting the phone out of the case. The fit is incredibly snug, which is great for security and not letting the phone bounce around inside the case, but once you pop the door back open, I found I could only get the phone out by pushing through the camera lens window. Not a big issue, but I was confused that there wasn’t a simpler way to disengage the phone from the case.

In terms of how much protection the ARMO offers, it is water-resistant (not water proof, no diving photos with this one), dirt resistant, shock resistant and scratch resistant. It also has a built-in kickstand that can be used from landscape or portrait mode.

It comes in various colors and sizes (for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini) and right now you can find them at Sports Authority for $39.99 – $69.99.

Personally I’m still going to living dangerously and crying with regret when I inevitably drop and break my phone, but for those smarter than me, this is not a bad option.

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