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He recently released two singles: 'D.T.K.' and 'That’s Whats Up.' His music combines pop, hip-hop and R&B influences.

From Wall Street to Music Celebrity: Dom Marcell

As singer/songwriters go, Dom Marcell is unique. He’s unique because he combines his love for music and his talent with good business sense. Put simply, he knows what he’s about. Most music artists write music and lyrics and record a demo in their bedroom or garage. Then they send the demo out and wait. While they wait for lightning to strike, they play local venues and try to establish a following. Or if they’re smart and they have the bucks, they hire a PR outfit to push their music and their brand out there.

Not Marcell. He utilizes a two-pronged approach. First, there’s the creative side. That’s where the music and the lyrics are composed. Second, there’s the business side. That’s where you execute a strong and well-devised marketing plan.

According to Mr. Marcell, “If one prepares and educates oneself, then the perceived risk in following one’s passion/dream is mitigated.”

He recently released two singles: “D.T.K.” and “Thats Whats Up.” His music combines pop, hip-hop and R&B influences. One writer described Dom’s style of music as a mixture of R&B and gospel. A very accurate description that takes on credence since Dom grew up in a strict religious home, where the only kind of music he was allowed to listen to was gospel.

Later in life, Dom decided he wanted to be part of the entertainment business, so he attended the University of Southern California. He worked as an intern for Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, and HBO. Because he had a good head for business, Dom went to work for an investment bank and pursued JD/MBA degrees at Northwestern University. His education and his real world experience provided him with certain skills: how to integrate business and marketing. His internships at the Attorney General’s Office, Citigroup Investment Banking, and the SEC solidified Marcell’s understanding of business.

In other words, Marcell was an attorney and an erudite businessman. So now what? Well, he made a life-changing decision. He chose to pursue a career in music. He composed music, wrote lyrics, and recorded. Fortunately, the man has a lovely voice that’s smooth and rich, along with true musical sense, which means he almost never overplays his hand.

Marcell’s music gained attention, and his fan base grew. As it did, since he’s a sharp cookie, he began putting more money and more time into his music. He set up photo appearances and put together a team to make videos and also planned screenings and performances. In other words, Marcell put his business acumen to work for him.

At the present juncture, Mr. Marcell has over 70 people working on promoting and marketing his music. He utilizes focus groups before releasing a song. This is a much more realistic method of determining viability than just putting it out there. Why put out something no one likes? Frankly, his approach is astonishing and ignores every precedent of the music industry.

And it’s paying off. It’s paying off because Dom Marcell’s primary focus is on the music. The best marketing plan in the history of the world can’t sell a poor product. But once he has created a piece of music that speaks to his soul and flows easily, then he knows it’s time to put his business skills to work.

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