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Found Poetry: Independent Press Book Descriptions

The world is in an awful state. What’s the answer? Finding poetry in unexpected places. That’s the answer: found poetry. And I’ll prove it.

Prestigious publishing companies promoting their newest releases take out full- or multiple-page ads in the New York Review of Books. But so do independent presses with literary standards that are, shall we say, not quite so lofty.

Here are word-for-word descriptions from the ads for some of these independent titles. They’re truly meant to sell the books.

I’ve deployed my English-major mojo to transform them into found poetry through the magic of line breaks.

You’re welcome.

There’s a parallel universe
with creatures that are
myth in ours. Its new king
is crowned. People from Earth
are abducted.

Bianca is in peril.

Hudson River Park, NYC. Photo credit: Critical Lens Media

Aaron creates a new race
of me. Three hundred

impregnated girls are sent
throughout the Milky Way to ensure

our speech
rules the galaxy.

Award-winning novelist
and cultural critic

interrogates his own

It goes terribly.

A reluctant ninja
fights to save the mayor and his
fledgling drive-thru fondue business
in this irreverent

Maitreya and the Masters are here to inspire
a complete transformation of our planet…

Our Space Brothers and Sisters,
working directly with them
are here on a
spiritual mission

to help humanity
save the planet from

Marauding invaders, stolen art,
cataclysmic earthquakes.

Brigands, partisans,
a seductive sybil.

Snowcapped mountains, rippling vineyards
and olive groves.

Roman ports – Picenum!

Max Dent, heart surgeon and
former assassin,
is drawn

a terrorist plot
that threatens

another holocaust.

Only Max
can stop it,

Frank, tired,
life punching down,
famous but broke,
in bad health,

now comes news of
in the family.

And the past comes back,

What’s to be learned from the unknown fate
of planet Ulro? That’s the question
for the Governor of the New Earth.

This book
is good for

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