Sunday , May 20 2018

fine art

Fine art can be defined as any art form that is created for aesthetic rather than utilitarian purposes. This can include both visual and performing arts and includes such forms as photography, painting, dance, sculpture, theater, and music.

The term fine is not meant to refer to the quality of the work but rather refers to the amount of creative discipline and skill that is put in to creating the work. Originally the term art was used to refer to any skill or mastery. This changed after 1750 to mean a skill that produced an aesthetic result. Fine art then became a creation that brought the audience to appreciate the finer and more creative skills of the artist.

While fine art certainly has a wide range of forms, most people tend to think of painting, sculpture, dance, and photography when referring to fine art. As it has in the past, the definitions of art and fine art will likely continue to expand and evolve in the future.

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