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Film Reviews

Films are motion pictures, commonly known as movies. Films have been entertaining the public since the late 1800’s when the camera, which evolved later into the motion picture camera was invented.

We first had the silent movies that started in the 1920’s and were shot in black and white. Then came the 1930’s, which was referred to as the Golden Age of Hollywood because it was then that sound was discovered, giving birth to the Talkies and many of the major movie studios that we know of today.

Since the Golden Age of Hollywood, movies and films have encapsulated and enticed our hearts and minds. From decade to decade, filmmaking and storytelling techniques have improved, thereby giving rise to better, bolder and MORE films through the years. With the multitude of films available everyday, comes a necessity for film reviews in order for the movie-goer to pick the right film for him/her.

Films are reviewed regularly by critics, thereby giving the public some suggestions of what films they should queue up to watch at the cinema, what films they should wait to view till they are on DVD and what movies should be avoided altogether!

You will find bloggers reviewing films at Brian’s Film Review, The Movie Blog and Common Guy’s Film Reviews.

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