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Dragon at CONjuration

Event Review: CONjuration Convention, Atlanta GA

CONjuration Magical Fantasy Convention took place in Atlanta at the Airport Hilton from November 16 to  18.

CONjuration is a convention about magic and fantasy, loosely based around Harry Potter. This year, nearly all the events were appropriate for all ages, except for the adults-only fantasy-themed burlesque show on Friday night. The burlesque show also costs a little extra, but is worth it for those adults looking for bawdy humor and beautiful costumers and not offended by some partial nudity.

Aside from that, the convention offered a myriad of magical moments for grownups and children alike, some in costume and some not. Dr. Osborn, a magician as well as an amazing balloon artist, roamed the hallways, creating colorful balloon masterpieces for all who asked.

The dealer room was packed with every kind of enchanting outfit, book, and jewelry – all sorts of treasure in return for your coin or card. In the Grand Hall at various times there were dancers, musicians, and even acrobats flying through the air!

For those who like a little reality with their magic, the Georgia Reptile Society presented fantastical creatures, not just in containment but wrapped around the arms or in the hands of young handlers. At what other convention could you see a real “dragon” or pet a snake if you so desired?

You could also attend panels about real mummies or the “real Hobbits” (tiny people whose burial was found in recent years) with a real forensic archaeologist. You could participate in a serious discussion about creativity and mental illness with fantasy writers who bravely shared their own experiences, or learn how to get around England cheaply like a muggle.

And when you were through being serious, you could go sort Looney Tunes characters. Or play Quidditch. Or listen to music from groups like Draco and the Malfots, Hawthorn and Holly, and The Harp Twins. Or play games until you drop.

It was three mad, glorious days, and the wonderful thing about this convention is that you know you will have the chance to do it all again next year!

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