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DVD Review: Women’s Extreme Wresting – The Best of WEW, Vol. 1

World Extreme Wrestling (WEW), with the “E” also standing for Erotic, although there wasn’t much evidence on this DVD, is a professional wrestling operation that features women wrestlers. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they started in 2002 and used to broadcast pay-per-view events and in the wee hours on cable stations, but their website doesn’t list any programming currently and now only offers online access to adult content.

Before seeing any of the three hour-long episodes contained within, it’s obvious misleading marketing is taking place. Setting aside the sloppy QA staffer who allowed the DVD case jacket, the disc label, and the DVD menu to all have a different title, the potential of nudity offered by the jacket evaporates upon seeing the menu: “Nude Booty Kick” is titled “Hot Booty Kick” and “Nude Ring Heat” is “Diva Ring Heat.”

Another false promise of nudity occurs after ‘HBK” opens as well.  After a pole dancer, accompanied by bad music, does her thing, the commissioner announces the upcoming match will be a three-way fight, resulting in the loser being stripped naked. To top it off, they will be wearing green bridal gowns because the commissioner didn’t get invited to the wedding of one of the wrestlers, which makes perfect sense in the world of wrestling. I found myself hoping the large, heavyset biker gal would win, but it too was all a ruse because they wear clothes underneath the gowns.

The remaining matches feature an all-out battle between Canadian and American wrestlers, which appears to be a running storyline for WEW; a match refereed by the blind Stevie Wonderful, who is kinda funny as he feels up the women and puts his face in inappropriate places; a sexy tag-team match where Annie Social keeps popping out of her bustier; and a match that gets very physical as the women fight with folding chairs.

The other two episodes run in a similar vein augmented with a Miss WEW contest with only the bathing suit (bikini) and talent (dance/stripper moves skills for 30 seconds) portions shown. All episodes conclude with a montage culled from the matches set to music by an unknown band that will likely remain unknown.

From a wrestling perspective, some of the athletics and acting is not so great. At times, the cameras catch the wrestlers talking to each other as they execute moves. The announcer Eric Garguillo even got ahead of the script at one point. From an entertainment perspective, while Garguillo is admittedly very funny with his asides and color commentary and there are other moments of humor, they are way too brief over the course of three hours. From an erotic perspective, some of the women are decent looking and few are known for their work in pornography, but what is shown likely won’t satisfy the viewer in that department either. One, two, three, and I have to declare The Best of WEW, Vol. 1 a loser.

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