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Nothing says “hire me” on a job interview like a reverse mohawk.

DVD Review: The Life & Times of Tim – The Complete Third Season

Written by Fumo Verde

If you like odd humor or have that rare dry type of comedy inside you, the kind of person who types “fat people falling down” in the search box for YouTube, then Tim is your kind of man. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons, do it, then grab season three on this double DVD and you will have a smirk on your face no one will remove.

Steve Dildarian (who voices Tim) and his crew have another winning season as Tim gets insults added to minor injuries and a cruel haircut like he did in the second segment of the first episode, “Tim’s Hair Looks Amazing,” or a better title, “Don’t Be Cheap When You Tip.” Nothing says “hire me” on a job interview like a reverse mohawk. This wasn’t as bad as Tim’s return to his old job as a caddy at the Pine Glen Golf Course and after he pisses off the other caddies, Tim then ends up watching an old co-worker die due to a rattlesnake bite. This may sound weird, well that’s because it’s Tim.

I really tried to pay attention to the other cast members and the special guests who dropped in to lend voices to some crazy characters this season.  I’ve had some really good weed this year, so it’s been hard, but beside the regulars of MJ Otto (Amy) and Matt Johnson (Rodney), who are always funny, as is Peter Giles (The Boss), but my favorite is Nick Kroll, who plays the voice of Stu.  His character this season is off the rails, and I can’t stop laughing when Stu Balls pops in.

This season saw a lot more from the voice of Andrew Daly, who is always a crack up, but it also included Rob Corddry, Paul F Tompkins, the ever funny Bob Saget, and special guest voice Billy Dee Williams. The cast of Season Three is over stuffed with new and upcoming comics like Kevin Kinard.

Grab this double DVD set, and I promise you will not be bummed out when it comes to The Life and Times of Tim. You’ll be glad you’re not Tim as you laugh at his problems and forget about yours. I have to give a shout out to co-executive producer B. J. Porter who I knew way back when. You made me laugh then, and with this show, you got me laughing now.

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