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The Closer is one of the best examples of a current female-focused show.

DVD Review: The Closer – The Complete Third Season

Written by Senora Bicho

Trying to make its mark as the channel “that knows drama,” TNT has found its most successful original series with the crime drama The Closer, which has become a summer success as each season they have been able to reach out to new viewers.  With the conclusion of Season Three, it became the most viewed ad-supported cable series of all time, because it is well-written and engrossing with a great ensemble cast. 

What has allowed yet another crime show to make its way to my regular TV lineup is the main character Brenda Lee Johnson played to perfection by Kyra Sedgwick.  Similar to Patricia Arquette providing the foundation for Medium, without Sedgwick in the starring role the show wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.  She has been nominated for the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Primetime Emmy for her performance each year the series has aired, winning the Golden Globe in 2007. 

It is so wonderful to have so many shows airing today based on powerful women: Medium, Damages, Bones, Saving Grace, Weeds, and The L Word just to name a few.  It is so nice to see dynamic, well-rounded women portrayed in these shows.  The Closer is one of the best examples of these female-focused shows; Johnson is strong and intelligent but also vulnerable and flawed. 

Season Three starts off cleverly with all of the members of the Priority Homicide Division being videotaped at the crime scene of a triple homicide; this allows new viewers to quickly get acquainted with the main characters.  Johnson is the Deputy Police Chief in charge of the unit, having recently relocated from Atlanta. 

Another one of the highlights of the show is J.K. Simmons as Assistant Police Chief Will Pope.  I have loved Simmons ever since his love-to-hate character on Oz; he is always entertaining and steals all of the scenes he is in.  The remaining main characters all have unique and interesting personality traits that together create a special chemistry.  The performances are all strong and bring a sense of reality to the show. 

In addition to the many captivating cases that the division tries to solve, they deal with internal struggles, political concerns, budget issues, and personal drama.  We also see a lot more happen on the personal front for Johnson.  Her romance with FBI Agent Fritz Howard continues and grows, we are introduced to the demanding relationship with her parents, and she deals with some serious health issues. 

This DVD collection includes all 14 episodes along with a few special features.  There are unaired scenes included in several episodes; however, they went unnoticed by me while watching them.  Luckily, they also have a collection of all of the scenes together on each disc.  Obviously, since they were originally unaired they do not add much.  Of course, you will find the totally unnecessary but always present gag real. 

The only item really worth mentioning is the featurette “The Art of Interrogation.”  It includes interviews with professors and legal professionals along with people involved with the show.  It provides interesting information on the use of interrogation together with how the show was created around this key tool used by the police.  Being a crime junkie, I really enjoyed the featurette.  It was fascinating and also gave me a bit more of an appreciation for what goes into the interrogation scenes in the show.

Season Three of The Closer is the strongest season yet and I am anxiously awaiting Season Four that airs on July 14th so you still have time to get caught up on Season Three.

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