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DVD Review: Midsomer Murders – Set 18

I love the tranquil beauty of an English village, quiet and serene with the tradition of afternoon tea and cakes, reserved manners and occasionally, a spot of Murder.

In the seemingly quiet village of Midsomer County there are all too often secrets at the base of murder and mayhem. It is the odd case that plagues the minds of the constabulary, until Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) is on the task.

In Midsomer Murders – Set 18, Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby uses his razor sharp senses and gut intuition to solve the crimes without the aid of high tech equipment and teams of “super geeks”. In the English tradition of honest investigation and leaving no stone unturned, we learn that not all is as it seems, the obvious villain is often just a pawn in the game, and the innocent may have a darker side.

Chief Inspector Barnaby has, in these three chilling tales of crime, many suspects, and almost no clues. I have been a longtime fan of murder mysteries, and I appreciate stories that have many facets, twists and plot changes, which this series has plenty of. I also like the fact that the grisliness of the crime is left to imagination; you never see too much blood or carnage, which if you watch alot of American TV, that’s all there seems to be. I watched this series with my wife and kids, and they were just as riveted to their seats as I was. Midsomer Murders – Set 18 is the most recent addition to the U.S. release of the series.

Acorn media brings us this wonderful DVD set, which includes three murder mysteries sure to entertain the sleuth in all in a three-disc collection: “Small Mercies”, “The Creeper”, and “The Great and The Good”.

In Small Mercies, the victim of a bizarre murder is found in a miniature reproduction of Midsomer County village that resembles a scene from the story of Gulliver’s Travels. This unlikely fairytale like setting is the stage for a string of murders that, seemingly unrelated, reveal a dark secret that would devastate the honor of an English family.

In “The Creeper”, a bold cat burglar that breaks into homes while the residents are sleeping, witnesses a crime, and is framed for murder. How can a criminal clear his name, while staying out of jail? By breaking into the home of Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and leaving clues, possibly including the clue needed to find the real culprits.

Finally, in “The Great and The Good”, a nervous school teacher with a rather odd sleep walking condition is the central focus of turmoil, and murder. The teacher has a curious dilemma. Every night, it seems like there is an intruder in her home, but there is never a clue as to whom the phantom intruder may be. However, one day a body winds up in the house, making the home owner a suspect of a crime most foul.

Midsomer Murders – Set 18 is not just bloody murder and villains in the shadows; there are some great “one liners” and humorous incidents that help to keep the episodes light hold the story together. The cast portray their roles in a truly believable manner, and guest stars that are recognizable for their well-known British television roles.

I was pleased to find some nice extras in the set, including interviews Jason Hughes, who portrays Barnaby’s right hand man Ben Jones, lending us additional insight into the series and the characters.

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