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JB Smoove's uncensored Comedy Central special is available on DVD.

DVD Review: JB Smoove – That’s How I Dooz It

JB Smoove seemed to come out of nowhere when he burst onto the scene in 2007, playing Leon Black in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Smoove had actually been around for a while, and had even appeared on Saturday Night Live as Jimmy “J.J.“ Walker in a memorable parody of Good Times. But few of us were prepared for just how hilarious the guy was until we saw him paired with Larry David in Curb.

His first stand-up comedy special was recorded in New York last year for Comedy Central. The new That’s How I Dooz It DVD has just been released, and contains the full, unedited concert, plus some bonus material. Let me just say that if you liked the character of Leon Black, you are going to love watching JB Smoove do stand-up.

As brilliant as Curb Your Enthusiasm is, it still follows a basic plotline. In concert, Smoove is able to riff off of any and everything he wants. This is clear from his first words. Smoove is introduced to the sounds of his hip-hop theme “That’s How I Dooz It,” and the audience is bouncing and cheering. He points to a very “preppy” looking black man in the front row, who is sitting next to another very preppy looking white guy. Smoove points to the black dude and shouts in mock indignation, “Don’t you ever let a white man out-black you!”

From there it is one-hour of pure manic energy. JB Smoove is all over the small stage, and finds multiple uses for the only prop available to him, a chair. This poor chair gets to stand in for his wife, his grandmother, and all sorts of others. One of the subjects he tackls are the LAPD and ligaments. To be more precise, how the cops take a guy into custody, and how this is not good for one’s ligaments. The way he uses the word “ligaments” over and over is hilarious, and from this he segues into a number of scenarios where a man can “legitimately” hurt his ligaments, especially during sex.

JB Smoove is a very physical comedian, and his bit on showing people how to fry chicken from the chicken’s perspective, is priceless. He has the chicken demonstrate by cutting off its own leg and throwing it into the frying pan. From here the one-legged chicken becomes Julia Child, while the audience is doubling over in laughter.

There are two bonus segments, “Behind the Smoove,” and “Dooz and Don’ts,” which offer up a few more comedy gems. That Is How I Dooz It is JB Smoove completely unhinged, and is one of the funniest comedy DVDs I have seen in some time.

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