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Two winter-themed animated specials on one low-priced DVD.

DVD Review: Happiness Is… Peanuts: Snow Days

Happiness Is… Peanuts: Snow Days is billed as “an all-new collection” on DVD from Warner Home Video. Whether that is accurate depends on your definition of “collection.” There is one Peanuts special and one episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show contained on this 47-minute DVD. Both are making their DVD debuts. But a collection? I think two programs is a bit skimpy for something billed as a collection, but at least the DVD boasts a low MSRP. Hardcore Peanuts fans – of which there are, of course, many – will have to keep waiting for a more comprehensive release.

She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown was the 19th prime-time Peanuts special overall but the first of the 1980s. It was originally broadcast on February 25th, 1980. I actually enjoyed this special as it was a nice change of pace. It focuses almost entirely on Peppermint Patty, who is training for a figure skating competition. Snoopy is her hardass coach, determined to guide her to a gold medal. Patty faces a series of mishaps involving hair and wardrobe before the big competition. They turn out to be no big deal compared to the problems that crop up on the big day.

The other program on Snow Days was actually the final episode of the mid-‘80s Saturday morning series The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. The episode, “Sally’s Sweet Babboo,” was originally broadcast on October 12th, 1985. The series had kind of a strange run. The first season ran from September to December of 1983, with second season that lasted only five episodes airing in autumn of 1985. Each episode consisted of several short segments. In this case, we get “The Play,” “Sweet Babboo,” and “Snoopy’s Story.” This episode was chosen most likely because of “The Play,” in which Charlie Brown has to write about his most memorable Christmas. The second segment is about Valentine’s Day, while the third is focused on Peppermint Patty again as she writes about Snoopy for school (against Marcie’s objections).

It’s unfortunate for Peanuts fans that these specials continue to be issued piecemeal. But again, Happiness Is… Peanuts: Snow Days is pretty cheap provides 47 minutes of family-friendly entertainment.

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