Friday , May 24 2024
A new DVD arrives to help kids take that all-important first step away from diapers.

DVD Review: Go Potty Go!

There are many, many wonderful parts about parenting. They’re innumerable. Books have been written, stories have been told, and songs have been sung on such topics. But there are bad parts, too. Notable among them, for parents of young children anyway, is diaper changing. Diaper changing stinks. Literally. That’s probably why there are so many books, DVDs, and various other forms of aid that try to help parents teach their children to use the bathroom. Even though numerous entries into this genre exist, more help is always welcome.

One of the latest such endeavors is Mazzarella Media’s latest DVD, Go Potty Go! This DVD features Paige and Parker, two pandas that sing their merry way through the whole potty process. From explaining why to use the potty, to sitting on it, to wiping, to washing up afterwards, Paige and Parker have a song for every step of the way (and there’s even a parade of animals that wear “big kid” underwear because they use the potty).

Go Potty Go! Was recently presented the Adding Wisdom Award from Parent to Parent. The award is granted for “products of outstanding quality that support family values.” I’m not entirely sure how this program does that, save that learning to use the toilet is a valuable skill for everyone. Though, as the award also looks for products that entertain and teach, the award does begin to make sense.

Certainly Go Potty Go! Does provide some entertainment through its twenty-odd minute runtime. Additionally, it discusses all the necessary bodily functions without going into too much of the more “icky” aspects.

The animation in the project is cute enough, with enough colors and a pleasant, bright look that is sure to please children and not offend adults. It’s not overly detailed or sophisticated, but it needn't be. The point of the endeavor, after all, is simple enough: get children to understand the reasons for potty use and get excited about doing it.

Any project that can promote these things without offending anyone, being overly cutesy, or irritating parents is worth taking a look at. I can’t promise that this video will help your child begin to use the toilet instead of their diaper, but it can certainly start a dialog and begin to address issues that parents may find uncomfortable.

Looking to toilet train your young one? Go Potty Go! is certainly a good place to start that voyage.

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