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Angelina Ballerina is a charming and inspiring musical that illustrates that dreams do come true in many ways.

DVD Review: Angelina Ballerina: Dreams Do Come True

Children, especially little girls, are often fascinated by ballerinas, and of course, animals that act like humans have been staples of children’s stories for hundreds of years. Angelina Ballerina, a mouse with talent as a dancer and a lot of big dreams, is adorable and inspirational while not talking down to children or preaching.

In Dreams Do Come True, Angelina is thrilled when her sister Polly enters her in the Mouseland Herald’s “Big Dreams Do Come True” contest, and she wins! The prize is a place at the Metroquefort Ballet Junior Dance Company, and that will put Angelina on the way to being the prima ballerina she wants with all her heart to be.

But Angelina also loves her family, her friends, and her teacher at Camembert Academy. To go to the dance company, she will have to leave them and live at the school. Does she give up the support of her friends, her school, and her happy home?

I won’t give away the ending, but the video provides an excellent lesson for children in decision-making and deciding what is really important, and truly does illustrate that “dreams do come true in many different and amazing ways.”

Angelina Ballerina proves that children’s videos can be charming and sophisticated, and that the stories can be sensitive yet not preachy. The plot values hard work and ambition, but also family, fun, and friendship.

At not quite an hour, the movie is long enough to engage children without being so long that they lose interest. Even my youngest granddaughters, who are 8 months and 1 1/2 years old, loved the singing and dancing. This is a story that children can grow up with, and remember fondly when they are older.

By all means, share Angelina Ballerina with your children. You will enjoy it as well!

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