Sunday , April 21 2024
Okay, I skipped Desperate Housewives yesterday; let's talk about it now.

Desperate American Housewife Gladiators

Mea culpa. I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. In yesterday's piece I didn't mention Sunday night's Desperate Housewives. I've slammed the show so much over the last year and a half that I should really talk about the bits and pieces I like when there are bits and pieces I like, and this week I liked the bits and pieces.

First off, kudos to the show for not making us wait the whole hour to find out that Lynette's kids were alive. You don't kill kids in a show like Desperate Housewives, so there was no real tension associated with Lynette's standing outside the rubble that used to be McCluskey's home. So, kudos to them for not pretending like maybe, just maybe, Parker had kicked the bucket. They could have kept us in suspense the entire hour and it would have made Lynette's life bad and possibly gotten Felicity Huffman another Best Actress Emmy nomination, but it wouldn't have been hugely compelling for the audience.

Then, they blinded Carlos. Awesome. I doubt it's one of those "he's going to stay blind forever" things, but they blinded him temporarily and that's just the sort of thing that makes for good TV. I think that Gaby would leave Carlos just because he lost all his money (well, she lost it for him, but that doesn't matter in her world), but now with the blindness, I think it's a virtual certainty. Okay, they can't quite do that either, because that would make Gaby catty in a way that I don't think the show would be comfortable with. She would leave the individual if they weren't a star of the series, but Carlos is, so I don't think Gaby can ditch him like that. That would be something the show couldn't easily turn back from in a year. What'll happen there then? I'm going to say that Gaby gets offended by the notion that Carlos thought she would leave him and gets over it a couple of episodes later.

And, what about the whole Mayfair thing? I thought it was awfully easy to have the Chicago crazy lady die, but I did think it odd for Katherine to kick Adam out because the affair had finally been proven. Surely Katherine had a pretty good idea that Adam had done it ahead of time. Of course, that was mainly a ploy in order for Adam to be able to turn the tables by finding out the truth of Katherine's reasons for leaving Wisteria Lane oh so many years ago.

Okay, enough of my faint praise, what about last night's American Gladiators? That was fun, wasn't it? I mean, they should really see to it that Hulk Hogan does a better job as host (which is a shame because he was totally my favorite wrestler for years and always great fun to watch), and they need to stop destroying the flow by going to commercials just as an event is about to get under way, but outside of that, it's fun. It's not great fun, possibly it's not even good fun, but it's fun enough. It absolutely fills in the 8pm hour on Monday nights. Next week I'll go from that bone-crunching directly to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and won't that just be awesome.

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