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‘Convergence: A League of Legends Story’ Review – a Fun, Fast Timey-Wimey Action Adventure

Let me tell you, Riot Forge is on a roll this year with its game partnerships. First the excellent Mageseeker, and now the really fun and charming Convergence: A League of Legends Story.

Focusing on a scrappy young man named Ekko who has a device that can rewind time, the game is set in the district of Zaun which is full of warring factions, dangerous creatures and allies both new and old to interact with.

Ekko is an inventor, adventurer and charming self-proclaimed protector of Zaun. As the game is fully voiced (sorry Mageseeker, you lose on this one) we really get to connect with Ekko and his personality as he explores Zaun, and that was frankly one of the best parts.

As his main set of skills revolves around the manipulation of time, Ekko’s “zero drive” is the most important aspect of the game. It develops over the course of the game, but essentially, with it time can be slowed in sections and rewound, items can be locked in time, along with various other functions that are fun to use and experience.

Ekko also uses his inventing skills to harness new skills such as zip-sliding on wires, wall running, double jumping and more. This game is staged like a metroidvania, so every time a new skill is learned areas and paths open up to explore and re-visit.

While the core skills, action and fighting skills are more than enough to enjoy, Convergence also has collectibles that open up visual customizations to Ekko’s look and time trail. The depth of detail in the game is sunning at times and really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

What really clicked with me in this game are the characters, interactions and story beats. As time travel is at the center there are some really neat twists in the story, in particular a Groundhog Day-style sequence that had Ekko re-trying a conversation multiple times.

I played this shortly after a number of larger games and the other LoL game, The MageSeeker, and I was struck by how much care developer Double Stallion took to make the world and characters stand out. There is plenty of fast and fun action, but the story beats and character locations felt really special to me.

As far as action goes this game has it in spades with special attacks, time manipulation and fast traversal techniques, and it all plays beautifully on my desktop and on my Steam Deck. In fact I played most of the game on my Deck.

It’s always great to see original fun and interesting games likes this come out of nearly nowhere. I entered Convergence with no preconceptions and just had a blast with the game. It’s well worth playing and another successful offshoot game in the League of Legends universe.

Convergence is available right now for PS4 | PS5, Xbox One | Series X\S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GoG. We were given a Steam Code by Riot Forge for review purposes.

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