Friday , January 27 2023
The off field news is actually bigger than the on field news at the All-Star Game.

Commissioner Bud Selig Talks About Expanding Playoffs and Realignment

The National League beat the American League 5-1, courtesy of a Prince Fielder homer. Now that we got that out of the way, wasn’t the game less than thrilling? I stopped watching after Carlos Beltran got his two at bats, but that’s because I am a NY Mets fan and my interest ended there. Perhaps you tuned in longer depending on which players were on the field, and that makes sense for most people who watch the game.

Bud SeligThe bigger and more interesting news occurred off the field. Commissioner Bud Selig indicated that there would be an expansion of the playoffs, probably including an extra Wild Card team per league. How that will look, and whether or not that will entail a best of five series or even a one game playoff is not known at this time, but it does make things intriguing. As it is we are playing the World Series as kids are coming home from trick-or-treating on Halloween, so I guess we can start thinking about the postseason extending well into November. That will be a bit harsh if the Minnesota Twins get in there. Get your shovels ready.

Also, Selig indicated that realignment is on the table. Again, what that entails is not well defined, but it could mean a team shifting from the National League over to the American to create a fifteen team-fifteen team balance. There was no indication of an alteration of divisions, but that certainly could be a possibility.

So there we have it, folks. The off field news is actually bigger than the on field news at the All-Star Game. That should come as no surprise to anyone, except maybe Selig.

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