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Hilarious second CD from "The Sasquatch Of Comedy."

Comedy/Music Review: Brian Posehn – Fart And Weiner Jokes

The cover of Brian Posehn's second CD sees him heroically rising out of a comedy graveyard. The "dead" comics he stands over include Andrew Dice Clay, Jeff Foxworthy, and Carrot Top (who has been impaled by a barbell). Thankfully, Posehn had the good taste not to include Sam Kinison here, but he does pay tribute to the legend in an oblique way.

Besides Cheech And Chong, Kinison was the only comdian I know of who added some rock to his comedy albums. Sam did a gawd-awful version of "Wild Thing," with an all-star guest list including Slash, Tommy Lee, and Steven Tyler. Posehn has a serious metal jones also, and has roped in Scott Ian (Anthrax), Joey Vera (Fates Warning), and John Tempesta (White Zombie) among others to help him out. The boys tackle Posehn's "More Metal Than You," which is pretty funny, then they demolish the Kenny Rogers chestnut "The Gambler."

Stand-up is what Posehn does best though, and this recording of him in front of a Nashville audience is hilarious. Riffing off of i-Tunes, metal fans, Slayer, and rockstar partying tips, Posehn integrates his love of metal into the act. The best stuff is when he talks about his dysfunctional life. He calls himself Sasquatch when talking about having sex with his wife. Then he tells us "I look like I'm made of farts."

I love the title, Fart And Weiner Jokes, because that is pretty much what you get. It is pretty damned funny to hear a 45 year old man constantly referring to his dick as a "weiner." It just makes you feel like you are back in the first grade or something.

Even though Posehn is married, he still likes to masturbate (like all married men). Towards the end of the set, he begins referring to his member as Obi Wan, which is as good a nickname as any I guess. He also talks about other manly topics such as strip clubs and bachelor parties. With a title like Fart And Weiner Jokes, you pretty much know what you are in for. I don't think anybody can accuse Posehn of misleading his audience with this one.

If you are an immature slob like me who still laughs at the word "weiner," then by all means, snap this one up. And if not…as Posehn might say, "Tough titty!"

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