Friday , November 27 2020

Celebrity Justice

Celebrities behaving badly have long fascinated us. But with recent years producing such spectacular stories as the murder trials of O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector, the topic of celebrity justice has become huge. Throw public trainwrecks like Britney, Lindsay, Paris, and Amy Winehouse into the mix, and it was inevitable that the rap sheets of the stars would soon find a permanent home in the blogosphere, as well as a ready-made audience of fans all too willing to follow.

On blogs like Pop Sugar, Celebrity Mound, Gawker and Glosslip this new breed of "celebrity justice journalists" cover the exploits of your favorite stars in all their often lurid glory.

Celebrity Justice in the blogosphere was pioneered on websites like the Smoking Gun, when they first took to publishing the post-arrest mugshots of celebrities like Mel Gibson, James Brown, and Glenn Campbell on the internet for the world to see. Today, celebrity justice has found a home in the blogosphere everywhere from mainstream sources like ABC News to those who specialize in dishing the dirt like Perez Hilton.

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