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But there is a lot more going on beneath the surface that makes Velocity Code so refreshingly different.

CD Review: Velocity Code

Velocity Code’s debut self-titled CD brings music that is refreshing and new to the electronica genre. The tracks are full of interesting arrangements that have a foundation which is deeper than the average dance tune.

The music is melodic and unique, complete with everything that electronica/dance music is known for, synthesized keyboards and computerized sounds. But there is a lot more going on beneath the surface that makes Velocity Code so refreshingly different. Rich melodies, reminiscent of rock, climb and fall and lyrics that dig a bit deeper make this more attractive then the normal fare. It is still airy and light music, best seen on the track, “Is As It Is.” The song features Johanna, who hails from Sweden. She also lends her stunning voice to several other tracks.

The core members of Velocity code are Chad Gendason and Zach Grace. Chad’s background includes blues guitar and operatic singing. Zach’s roots are that of a punk drummer, and jazz and classical guitarist. The two share one common interest, however, dance music. Meeting through mutual friends, they brought their styles together and the music melded into what is Velocity Code.

Chad is also the male vocalist of the group and has a very smooth polished voice. The boys enlist several different female vocalists for the self titled debut CD. Most notably is Leila, an Australian native whose voice is perfect for the debut single, “Beautiful Outside.” The song is upbeat, and her voice sweetly melds with the digital composition.

When asked about the band’s plans to tour, Chad replied,

Oh yes, the live show with VC is going to be what brings people out. And keeps us in the running for best-dressed and People Magazine’s sexiest band ever.

Keeping the whole experience cutting edge, Velocity Codes’ newest single, “Reality”/”Bydz”; their current hit, Beautiful Outside; as well as the album, Velocity Code can be downloaded through a digital distribution deal with System Recordings and The Greenwich Music Group.

Several tracks from the CD can be heard at the band’s official website.

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