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Some Kind of Comfort, the recent release for Jay Nash, is a rather eclectic mix of pop songs that has a very unique warm feel.

CD Review: Jay Nash — Some Kind of Comfort

Some Kind of Comfort, the recent release for Jay Nash, is a rather eclectic mix of pop songs that has a very unique warm feel. There are strong folk influences as well as an edgy power country feel to some tracks. The album was recorded in a single forty-eight hour “power” session, with a multitude of well known players, which lends itself to the smooth feel. The transition from track to track seems very natural, and there are no jarring surprises or songs that don’t seem to fit into the mix.

Nash has one of those smoky voices, profound and full, that gives his songs a lot of personality. He sounds older and wiser then his age, and it grants credibility to his music. With most tracks Nash conveys a confident attitude that is fun and entertaining.

The lyrics are rich and personal, and the album comes together almost as a journal of personal experience. They are heartfelt songs, expressing emotions that are easily identifiable, and they touch something deep inside the listener. Nash has said of his own writing, “I think I started telling the truth more. I started to open my eyes more, and I’m not really saying something unless there’s something that needs to be said.”

“Breathe Easier” stands out as my absolute favorite track on the CD. It is the one song that is most identifiable as pop music. It’s upbeat and has the hook and catch that burns a song into your mind. “Wayfarer” is one of those heartfelt emotional gems. It is beautiful ballad where Nash appers to just bleed his emotions into the song.

“Make Up Your Mind” is another upbeat track, but a good example of those country influences I mentioned. It is very melodic and the tune quickly gets caught in your head. “High on the Hill” reminds me of a traditional country crier, the Hank Jr. type of drinking song, which is exactly what it is.

So call up my momma, call up my dad
I’m giving up on the pills
Give me some whiskey and bring me some beer
Some kind of comfort high on the hill.

Though they may sound a bit hokey on their own, in combination with a great tune and Nash’s aged voice it’s comes off as an instant “Tear In My Beer” type tune.

There really isn’t a bad track on the album. There is a mixture of tempos, but they blend well. This CD would be a welcome addition to your collection if you are a fan of music with meaningful lyrics and popular or power country tunes.

Mp3’s of fours songs from the album can be heard on Nash’s MySpace Page. This site also lists upcoming tour dates

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