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Card Game Review: Oz Fluxx

Launched March 23, 2012, Looney Labs, maker of games such as Chrononauts, Seven Dragons, and Looney Pyramids, adds to its Fluxx family of card games with Oz Fluxx. The familiar world of Fluxx as the card game of ever-changing rules takes on Frank L. Baum’s 1900 story of Dorothy Gale, which itself has ever-changing goals, as little Dorothy just wants to get home and the Wizard continually gives her new demanding quests.

The Promo Postacard, “If I Only Knew The Words…”, gives players yet another chance to draw another card for humming Oz-related songs, two if the song had not yet been used in the game. This card-drawing gave us massive hands in our play-testing, making it a good version of Fluxx for those who like having plenty of options.

What seems to set Oz Fluxx apart from its brethren is the wealth of Creeper cards. According to the Creeper card (which much be played immediately upon drawing), players cannot win normal Goals while having a Creeper, of which there are four: Fighting Trees, Winged Monkeys, and both Wicked Witches. While Star Fluxx had cards that killed Creepers as part of its gameplay, Oz Fluxx makes the Creepers valuable in matching numerous Goals. Some like “Surrender, Dorothy!” require a Keeper and a Creeper, and others such as “Wicked Minions” are won only with Creepers. Rather than working to rid themselves of Creepers as soon as possible, crafty players may well win with the gamble of holding onto the usually evil cards.

In all, Oz Fluxx is a solid addition to the Fluxx line. Its ease of understanding and fluidity of play captures the expansive and embraced universe that is the topsy-turvy, merry old land of Oz.

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Jeff Provine is a Composition professor, novelist, cartoonist, and traveler of three continents. His latest book is a collection of local ghost legends, Campus Ghosts of Norman, Oklahoma.

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