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Brisingr is the third book in Christopher Paolini's young adult fantasy series Inheritance Cycle. Originally Paolini planed for the series to be a trilogy, but as he was writing Brisingr he came to the conclusion that he needed a fourth book in order to tell the story properly.

As in the second book, Eldest, Paolini divides the focus of Brisingr between Eragon and his cousin Roran. Eragon spends a good deal of his time either with the dwarfs while they are selecting a new king, or with the elves learning about the secret behind Galbatorix's great magical strength and having a new sword forged for him. Meanwhile Roran is establishing himself as a valuable warrior and leader among the Varden as he participates in, and eventually leads, raids on the enemy. Brisingr ends with the cousins re-uniting in battle to help the Varden capture a city friendly to Galbatorix and begin the re-conquest of Alagaesia.

When it was released in the fall of 2008 Brisingr had first day sales of 550,000 across North America, making it one of the most successful young adult titles ever. Discussions at forums and sites around the net are now centered on how Paolini will resolve the loose ends he has still left dangling at the end of Brisingr.

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