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The stars of Franklin & Bash discuss their new season.

Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar Discuss Season Two of Franklin & Bash

The hit TNT series, Franklin & Bash, returns for its sophomore season this week on Tuesday, June 5.

During a recent press call, the show’s stars, Breckin Meyer (Jared Franklin) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Peter Bash) talked about what’s lined up for the new season, including their character’s new responsibilities, upcoming guest stars, and why they think this new season is better than the last.

Tuesday night’s premiere finds charismatic lawyers and life-long friends, Franklin and Bash, being offered an opportunity to become equity partners at Infeld-Daniels. The new position puts them in not only a more lucrative deal, but also calls for them to tap into their more responsible side.

“For them, [it’s] a great thing, because, I mean, it’s more money for toys. But on the bad side, it is a lot more responsibility and also a lot more repercussions for their actions,” Meyer explained.

“It’s no longer just the chance of them getting thrown in jail for contempt or getting fired. Now they [have], you know, 500 employees behind them and they can really cause some damage.”

Part of the duo’s new responsibilities will be to sign big corporations to Infeld-Daniels, which is a new challenge to the lawyers, as these are also the same types of companies they’re used to opposing.

And with new clients come new guest stars. First up on Tuesday night’s premiere is Kevin Nealon as Franklin and Bash’s first big potential client, Lawrence Reynolds, to sign with the firm to help their case to make partner.

Also making appearances this season are Seth Green, Eric Mabius, Rick Fox, and American Pie’s Chris Klein. Both Meyer and Gosselaar spoke about what they believe attracts their fellow actors to guest starring on their show.

“What you’re offerring as an actor is basically a week to come play, you know, to come and have a really good time,” Meyer shared. “So we had Beau Bridges come back. Jane Seymour comes on as Peter’s mom, so we meet Mama Bash.”

Gosselaar added, “It just is a testament to our show and the word around the industry, is that it’s a great set to be a part of and come have fun and enjoy yourself.”

With Franklin and Bash taking on more responsibility at Infeld-Daniels, the stakes are higher for the lawyers this season. The audience will get to see the characters handle their new status at the firm, as well as dealing with the loyalty of their colleagues, and the challenges that working with their new high profile clients bring.

“I think that’s why this season is better than last season, is because there’s more drama,” Gosselaar said. “The way these guys deal with the drama is by being more light and being fun. And that allows the audience to not even realize that they’re watching a legal drama.”

The season two premiere of Franklin & Bash airs Tuesday, June 5 on TNT at 10 p.m.

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