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A feel good book of charming proportions.

Book Review: ‘Your Perfect Life’ by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

18443302Often when life becomes complicated, we admire and even covet the life of someone we know who seems to have it all. We have watched the movies 13 going on 30, Freaky Friday, and Big where changing bodies changed lives as each learned real life lessons.

In Your Perfect Life by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, we are introduced to two remarkable women, Casey and Rachel, who have been friends forever. Casey is the career woman and host of Gossip TV. She rubs elbows with celebrities and has a beautiful home. She seems to have everything. Rachel is a stay at home mom with two teenagers, and new baby. She no longer recognizes the man she married and feels like life has passed her by.

As both women look to the other, each is unhappy in their circumstances, and that lack of confidence begins to erode the friendship. It all comes to a head the night of their high school reunion. Harsh words are said as they have a drink together. Life between them is full of jealousy and hurt. Their tempers keep them at it, and the evening closes with only vague memories as the morning rolls around.

Yet life has decided to play a trick, and somehow they have changed bodies. Somewhere they were served up a cocktail of magical proportions, and they must learn a lesson of love before they can assume their own body again. Yet, have they both finally reached the brass ring they have been chasing?

This is a funny and bright look at life. The surface is only that; what broils beneath is often personal and not seen by others. Fears and thoughts lurk there that rarely see the light of day, and now these friends begin to know each other from another perspective.

The wonderful mix of personalities and abilities as they grow into different roles trying to be the other is both touching and generous. As the truth of the situations begin to shine through, they  know and understand each other more than they anticipated.

This is a quirky, romantic and personal growth blend of fun and adventure. The story holds you from the beginning, entranced by the personalities and their insecurities. Yet as they fall into this spell they are each able to dig deep and find the true meaning of their life and dreams.

If you love fun and romantic stories full of adventure and excitement you will want this for your library. It is a feel good book of charming proportions. This would also be a great book for a discussion group. The thoughts and feelings engendered would create great dialog among the readers.

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