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Success strategies from an author who knows what it takes to sustain a freelance writing career.

Book Review: Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success by Kelly James-Enger

Kelly James-Enger is a recognized pro in freelance writing and book publishing. In Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success, you’ll learn a great deal about her career path from beginner to successful full-time writer. She shares her experiences, both good and bad, as she describes the benefits of specializing as a writer. The book is packed with generous samples of her work, resources and templates.

Among the many powerful strategies you can put to use now are the seven techniques to keep work flowing, in the effort to “Beat the Feast or Famine Syndrome.”

If you’ve read James-Enger’s previous bestseller, Six-Figure Freelancing, you’ll find the secrets in Writer for Hire to be a motivating companion. With this as a guide, your writing goals are attainable. Efficiency, marketing, relationship building, managing your business, and finding balance round out the major sections in this powerful handbook for writers.

Do you pitch every magazine you see? Do you query without results? Do you send unsolicited articles to editors and wonder why you don’t get a response? Could be you’re a good writer, but going about it wrong.

While querying might be everyone’s least favorite task, James-Enger provides plenty of motivation with query samples, letters of intent you can do today, and 10 reasons why most freelancers get rejected. Learning from these ten points can already put you a step ahead for your next pitch to an editor.

The all-important concept of “platform” is expertly distilled to a mere 20 words. Expert insider tips include how to find work and how to decipher a good lead, even on craigslist.com.

Kelly James-Enger’s energy and wit have a power all their own. She motivates and encourages by example, with specifics to keep you moving ahead. Because the 101 tips in Writer for Hire are in no particular order, you can browse through the book and get energized within minutes, no matter where you are in the writing process. Use her winning formula to sell article reprints and you might find you’ve already got work on your desk you can sell again.

Ever the overachiever, this author would clearly not stop at 100 tips. No, she had to go one better with 101. You’ll be glad she did.

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