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A strange and dark love story, both obsessive and tragic.

Book Review: What Happened At Heath-Cliff Hall by C. M. Groover

Occasionally in life, an experience will come along that that will shake the foundations of your belief system. Many find themselves immeasurably changed by such an experience.

In What Happened At Heath-Cliff Hall by C.M. Groover, we are given a glimpse into a unique and deadly life — one in which the answers seem strange and unbelievable. Dr. Jargon and his assistant are hired to do a job. The doctor has been instrumental in finding solutions to several cases, and he always enjoys having his trusty assistant by his side. Being hired by a very wealthy dowager to check on the mental state of her granddaughter, they find themselves in a remote, yet beautiful home, one owned by old money.

Meeting the inhabitants of the house is strange and spooky. Quinlan, the husband is foreboding and quite ruthless. They find him to be a bore and quite disgusting. When they find there is a son, Dr. Jargon is amazed. This was not in any of the information he received. What seems to be missing, however, is Mrs. Westhaven’s granddaughter. Quickly making himself unwelcome, the doctor. makes an enemy of Quinlan, yet Quinlan finally allows him to meet his wife. What he finds is not at all close to what is expected. With only one item of interest to give to Mrs. Westhaven, they are chilled and dismayed by the strange and deadly sounds they hear throughout their stay. Warned of the dangers lurking, they are warned to stay in their rooms after dark. What is happening, and is there more than meets the eye? Nothing is what it seems, and danger lurks at the very edge of darkness. Who will make it out alive?

Groover has given us and interesting story with just enough oddness to be pulled in. What seems to begin as a story of possible betrayal and madness seems to come around in a strange fashion with an odd and broken love story. There is something particularly gruesome about Quinlan and his son, something that seems wild and out of control. Why does his wife stay free of their influence and yet profess an absolute undying love? Groover’s characters are well told with exceptional visuals, and the rituals that are written are so real that you can feel the disgust as well at their visitors.

While you are in the loop to an extent as to what the visitors think is happening, you are still surprised and horrified, which make this such a spooky story.

I would recommend this story to the horror reader, and if you like lycan or werewolf stories this would also be a great book for your library. The characters step from the pages and make you feel their fears and understand their qualms at the sounds and feelings engendered. This is not one of those light and fascinating stories that often intrigue with their charm; this is a deep and dark story bordering on madness.

Lock the doors but do not turn out the lights; this is one that will stick with you.

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