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An informative book about water droplets.

Book Review: The Water Cycle: Water Play Series Book One by Mayra Calvani

Award winning author, Mayra Calvani’s new book The Water Cycle is the most informative book I have read on the subject of water. The author did an outstanding job making the book interactive for young readers. Every word the author uses paints a vivid picture mentally. This is what makes this book so very valuable for young readers. The book is about the stages of water droplets. After reading the book, I learned how water droplets turn into heavy rain, hailstones, water vapor, and even snowflakes.

The book fascinated me. I wanted to soak up every detail the author has to offer from this well written book. The author took a difficult topic and made it very easy to understand.

Mayra Calvani has a unique ability to make the words jump off the page. Her concise use of words can be a teacher’s delight. Elementary teachers can use her book to teach about descriptive word use. Additionally, this book is a great resource for a science classroom. Here are some examples of descriptive words:

  • The water trickles and pours
  • The rain surges and swishes
  • Hailstones plunge like white rocks
  • The hailstones crash and melt
  • The wind howls, and the flurries
  • swirl and spin in an angry dance

Can you see the images in your mind after reading these words? I can.
To add more value to the book, the last two pages include a word search match activities.

Finally, Alexander Morris’ outstanding and colorful illustrations help bring the story to life.

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