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A timely book that teaches young and old about self-acceptance.

Book Review: The Turtle Who Imagined by Mary Esparza-Vela

Living in a world obsessed with physical looks we all must learn to appreciate who we are as a person. We all fall prey to “what if,” and “if only.”

Mary Esparza-Vela’s book The Turtle Who Imagined takes a look of what happens when we wish we were someone else. It is an ingenious way to teach young children about learning to accept and be content with who they are.

Award-winning author Mary Esparza-Vela shows what happens when a turtle desires to leave his shell and hop like a rabbit, fly like an eagle, jump out and roar like a bear, and play in the mud like a pig. The turtle falls asleep and in his dreams sees himself doing all the things he imagined. Much to the turtle’s dismay, he encounters some unexpected danger. It is then he comes to realize how his protective shell is what helped him escape death. He learns to accept and appreciate who he is.

More and more children are becoming victims of bullying, and as a classroom teacher, I can see how this book can be used to help discuss how each one of us is unique. Being unique should be celebrated and not used to bully and make fun of others. The Turtle Who Imagined is a timely book with a great message.

Young or old can learn this valuable lesson, to know oneself and acknowledge one’s abilities and gifts. Lastly, one should not focus on one’s imperfections but on what makes us unique.

Award-winning artist Kevin Scott Collier helps the story come alive with his vivid illustrations. The Turtle Who Imagined won 2012 Creative Child Magazine book of the year award. I see the book as a great resource for parents, grandparents, and teachers interested in helping children learn about self-acceptance.

To learn more about Mary Esparza-Vela you can visit her website.

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