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The differences of a small group of aliens continue to cause conflict between the military and the shifter themselves.

Book Review: The Hybrids of 2050 by Ami Blackwelder

When a world continues to feel a threat from those they find to be different, hate continues to set the stage. Lack of understanding often brings about war and the loss of life.

Ami Blackwelder continues to entertain us with her Shifters Evolution series. She resumes with the plight of the alien hybrids, and does not disappoint with her fourth of the series, The Hybrids of 2050. In her prior works, she has tutored us to the background and abilities of the shifters. As the dispute continues to wage and the SCM (Shifter Counterinsurgency Military) steps up their efforts to eradicate the aliens forever, their counter-attack indeed begins to build. Thirty years of war and killing brings only more hate and heartache as the differing factions choose sides. Now that shifters and humans have interbred, the part human offspring are in danger of being exposed. Knowledge of their existence has been well hidden, but now as a new weapon comes into being, the secret is close to the surface.

As the continued immigration of shifter families continue to make their way to Alaska, one of the last refuges with an expanse of wilderness in which to hide, the SCM steps up their test on the new weapon. Alarm is prevalent, even though the weapon supposedly only affects shifters. Have the humans given over their very rights to the SCM in an effort to eradicate a race they have no real knowledge of? Will the hybrids continue to survive with this most recent threat? As the human families of these new type of hybrids fight their behind the scenes battle, will all be for naught? Can they stop the SCM before the truth comes out? Small groups of humans are the only ones standing between the military and the hybrids. Who will come out on top?

Blackwelder has created a wonderful series that just continues to enthrall. The characters are strange and wonderful, fluctuating with both hope and anger. The shifters have a courage that is hard to incorporate into the everyday world. The humans involved often have to backpedal and acquiesce to horrible deeds in order to stay out of the limelight in their underground fit. The Hybrids do not have that worry, they are full of feelings and not afraid to let them show. You are heartbroken with the death of any of the varied characters. It takes skill for a writer to make a character so real.

Well written, The Hybrids of 2050 conveys the beauty of the wilderness well, creating visuals that take you to that time and place, helping you to become more involved. The enchantment of the tundra brings about an excitement, the feel of being there.

If you enjoy a bit of science fiction, wrapped in fantasy, fear and hope, Blackwelder’s book would be a great addition to your library. It is interesting and takes you into the wilds of Alaska, and highlights what happens when fear and ignorance rule. The Hybrids of 2050 is a militaristic fantasy, one that is easy to digest. This would be a great gift for the avid Science Fiction, Fantasy reader in your household.

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