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The Globetrotter Diaries is a fascinating account of Michael Clinton's adventures on seven continents which also provides tips and advice for fellow travelers.

Book Review: The Globetrotter Diaries by Michael Clinton

As President, Marketing and Publishing Director for Hearst Magazines, Michael Clinton has many opportunities to travel for business and plenty of funds and frequent flyer miles to travel for pleasure. He had, at the time of the publication of this book, covered 122 countries on all seven continents.

But this book does not just cover luxury travel, and Clinton has a frugal streak that makes many of his tips practical for even the budget-minded traveler. He also provides tips from other travel experts which are useful and down to earth, making this an excellent guidebook for anyone planning to travel long distances. Particularly useful is the advice for traveling by plane, including how to prepare for a long-distance flight and what to do if you leave something on the plane.

For those whose travel is mainly of the vicarious, armchair variety, this book also has a great deal to offer. While Clinton touches on a few major cities like Paris and Rome, most of his stories and tips are for more exotic places, like Antarctica, Southeast Asia, Bhutan and Tanzania.

Clinton is an adventurer and a lover of history. This book indicates that he prefers running marathons, climbing mountains and sleeping on beaches to luxury resorts and fancy parties. He loves to shop in local markets rather than upscale stores. His favorite places still reflect the past and are unspoiled by tourism. His idea of a good time includes getting stranded by an active volcano.

Much of the advice here seems to boil down to be calm, be flexible, carry money and be willing to take a chance. Clearly, that advice has worked very well for Clinton ever since he saved up the money for his first trip, to Ireland, at age 12.

Certainly, most of us cannot just go in with a few friends to buy a vineyard in Italy. In fact, most of us will never visit all seven continents or over 100 countries. But this book will definitely make you feel like making a start on your own globetrotting adventures, and when you do, the tips and ideas for travel destinations here will help prepare you for your own unique adventures.

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