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Drawing on research into positive thinking, science, and her own personal experience, Klassen has written a book with eighty higher ideas for your life.

Book Review: ‘The Freedom Frequency’ by Karen Klassen

The Freedom Frequency by Karen KlassenIf you’ve ever felt trapped in your life, or you feel unhappy, dissatisfied, or like nothing ever goes right for you, then The Freedom Frequency is just the book you need to turn everything around. Don’t be dismissive. Such thoughts are what are holding you back. Give The Freedom Frequency a chance. You won’t regret it. Drawing on research into positive thinking, science, and her own personal experiences, Karen Klassen has written a book with eighty higher ideas for your life. The ideas are grouped into different chapters on such topics as “Emotional Evolution,” “Open your Brilliant Heart,” “Express Your Truth,” and “Integration of Your Divine Mind.” And they move progressively, helping the reader to raise his or her vibration. Personally, I think the perfect way to read this book would be to read one idea a day and then think about it and apply its suggestion to your life. You might say this book is an “eighty days to a higher vibration” process.

What does Klassen mean by “vibration”? The term has become popular in recent years and is associated with the Law of Attraction. Klassen explains that everything in the universe is made of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency, including you. Your vibration determines what you attract into your life. If your vibration is low, you attract into your life negative things you probably don’t want. The goal of The Freedom Frequency is to help you learn to raise your vibration so you “live above the line” in the realm of higher vibrations. The eighty higher ideas in this book will help you to raise your vibration.

This process may sound nice and easy, but it’s usually not. Klassen knows from personal experiences, including experiencing dysfunctional relationships, anger, low self-esteem, and even being raped, that when you are in a lower vibration, it’s difficult to raise yourself out of it. Nor does it happen overnight. It takes time, but her book will help you to work through it. Klassen offers several techniques along the way including the Emotional Integrity Process — a way to free your tears and feel more empowered — and Divine Mind Conversations so you get in touch with your higher or more positive Selfs and Forgotten Angels. Through the process, she says, “The most important question I want you to remember is: Where are you vibrating — fear or freedom? Awareness of your energetic vibration is key to living above the line.”

Much of the process described in this book is about reconnecting with your true self, the person you were before life got in the way and changed you. She tells the reader, “The more you connect and build a relationship with your Forgotten Angels, the more you’ll trust the inner voice of wisdom, the voice of Intuition. Trust that no matter what happens, you are meant to experience it for the evolution of Self. As you trust yourself, you trust the universe and remember that it is safe and supportive.”

I have read similar books about vibration and the Law of Attraction in the past, but Klassen offers new ideas and personal stories that both reaffirm and helped me to raise my own vibration regarding difficulties in my own life. Her story of learning to trust her inner voice when it told her to take her parents on vacation was fun and inspiring. But most of all, I appreciated her reminder that everything that happens is related to the journey of our soul and its plans for our evolution, and that includes our relationships with others. Klassen states, “We learn powerful life lessons in each relationship no matter whether a person is in our life for a reason, a season, or lifetime. And since we have no idea what journey the person’s soul has planned for him/her, we cannot judge that person’s choices.”

Almost every higher idea in the book includes a way to put it to work to improve your life, such as Higher Idea 70 ending with, “Have friends over for dinner and have each person share one thing about her or his spiritual journey that has made a profound difference in her or his life” or for Higher Idea 29: “Observe the Fallen Angels in others without judgment. Witness how others are controlled by their perceived negative emotions. Now see the beautiful soul beneath.”

If you’ve never thought about your vibration and how it influences your life, The Freedom Frequency is a great book for starting a life-changing journey. And if, like me, you are already aware of these concepts, you’ll find Karen Klassen to be a kindred spirit to journey with as you discover new keys to unlocking the door to your life of freedom.

For more information about Karen Klassen and The Freedom Frequency, visit the author’s website.

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