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Constant rumors and theories keep the world on edge with thoughts of pandemic horrors that could destroy everything as we know it.

Book Review: ‘The Demeter Code’ by Russell Brooks

22600276Constant rumors and theories keep the world on edge with thoughts of pandemic horrors that could destroy everything as we know it. From global warming, to asteroids, plagues, germ warfare and numerous other speculations there seems to be a great deal of fear with limited answers.

In The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks, we follow the exploits of Ridley Fox and Doctor Nita Parris as they become involved in the chase for an elusive code. Having already been tested and putting one possibility of widespread death and panic to rest, they are now following the leads of some thirteen deaths involving soldiers. There is something very strange going on, and with their background they are the perfect pair to take on the challenge.

As the possibility of another weapon of terror comes to play, they must be spot on their game. Even the slightest error could cost them their lives as well as the lives of untold others. From the beginning the danger is palpable, and both Ridley and Nita find themselves working together –yet separately to follow the clues and stop the code from reaching those with the most to gain. Can they work their skills to stop another terroristic action before it is too late? Already many have died and the panic is just beginning.

Brooks has done a great job of giving us something that has teeth and creates fear in his arsenal of thugs willing to do what it will take to win at all costs. His characters of Ridley Fox and Doctor Nita Parris only grow as they come together one more time to save the country. They are dynamic, smart, and skilled in many fighting techniques. From the beginning there is action and you are immersed into the game quickly and intelligently. The interplay between the two is interesting, and there appears to be a bond that may stretch beyond the action of their work. Yet you are constantly guessing as they work mostly independent of the other with just the right amount of connection to keep you guessing.

Russell takes the possibility of death on a large scale and develops a strong set of bad guys that seem more then capable of pulling it off. Yet Fox and Parris stand in their way and become a threat that must be addressed. We follow them as they do what they can to neutralize their protagonists but to no avail. As bullies, their antagonists constantly underestimate them–a mistake that is soon rectified.

If you enjoy action packed suspense and provocative characters you will enjoy this work. This is the third installment of Ridley Fox and Doctor Nita Parris working as a team and as with his first work Pandora’s Succession he is spot on with the interplay. He has a way of creating their characteristics that help you see them as heroes, and yet the flaws just make them more human.

This would be a great book for your library, and the character team of Ridley Fox and Doctor Nita Parris seem to be one that will come back again and again. There is a great deal of excitement and likability about them that will keep you looking for more.

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