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If you want a book that gets to the steak and potatoes of the product, this book will give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Book Review: The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book: The Complete Guide For Photographers – Lightroom 1.1 Update by Martin Evening

With quick turn around time, the folks at Adobe, have recently released their latest update to Adobe Photoshop Lighroom and it is chocked full of new features. Those who read my review of “The The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book – The Complete Guide for Photographers,” may be wondering if is this book is out of date already. The answer is no, not if you get the Lightroom 1.1 Update at Peachpit Press. You will have to register both yourself and your copy of the book, but once you do, you will have an add-on that will walk you through all of the new features.

Weighing in at 178 pages, Lightroom 1.1 Update is more of an add-on than just an update. The update starts on page 353, continuing where the original book left off. If something in the original book is referenced, you are directed back to that page for more information. The update breaks out into 5 chapters and is highlighted as follows.

Chapter one, “General Menu Items” is where the author explains all of the changes in the menu system that affects all of the Lightroom modules. In chapter two, “The Library Module,” he focuses on what has changed in the Library module, which includes things like subfolder filtering, updating previews, removing and deleting photos, and Metadata editing.

Chapter three, “Develop Module,” covers the changes to the Develop Module which includes Default Develop settings, Edit Externally, Match Total Exposures, Crop Guide Overlays and Spotting tool. Chapter four, “Lightroom Preferences,” handles all the changes in the way that Lightroom preferences have been laid out and is offered as a complete guide to configuring the preference options. Finally, chapter five, “Lightroom 1.1 Extras” brings together all of the changes to slideshow, Print, and Web modules.

What I like most about this update is to the detail that the author gives. It is an in-depth and detailed explanation of each facet of the change and rearrangement of the product. For example on page 425 he explains the Presets Panel in the Develop module about the advantage of segregating Lightroom Presets from User Presets and how he uses them, but he also points out a deficiency that I noticed as well — you cannot create sub folders, at least not yet.

While this only highlights what is in Lightroom 1.1 Update, it does give you the idea of all the wonderful things that Adobe has added to their new application and why “The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book – The Complete Guide for Photographers,” has become even better.

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