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Book Review: Talk Up Your Book: How to Sell Your Book Through Public Speaking, Interviews, Signings, Festivals, Conferences, and More by Patricia Fry

As much as we love the freedom of publishing in the 21st century, one truth remains: books don’t sell themselves.

According to Patricia Fry, the reality is that personality sells books. And here in Talk Up Your Book: How to Sell Your Book Through Public Speaking, Interviews, Signings, Festivals, Conferences, and More, she tells us exactly what that means. If you’re serious about successfully promoting yourself as an author, this is the book you’ve been missing.

Talk Up Your Book is a guide to what it really means to market your book. It is a wake-up call to authors who think their book will be discovered and sell well without effort. Marketing requires much more than book signings or store events. Fry, author of more than 30 books, gives you the tools you need to handle self-promotion, public speaking, interviews, and conferences. The book is filled with ideas and a blueprint for success with speaking skills, getting paid to deliver workshops, write press releases, and sell more books at festivals and events.

Fry has a unique first-hand perspective and helps the reader prepare to handle unexpected circumstances and conduct successful events, as she shows you how to pitch a conference, get paid for speaking, and become a pro at radio, television and social media. Her ideas work because she shares her first-hand strategies for critical skills, such as building rapport, with your audience.

I’ve never met the author, but I do know of Patricia Fry through her diligent work with writing organizations and know she is generous in sharing the route to success that works for her. And, Fry knows a lot! Her energy and marketing savvy nearly leap off each page. She is a well-known prolific writer and her success is proof that the promotional techniques she teaches us really do work.

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