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Murder and mayham once again rock the world of Darby Stansfield.

Book Review: Stroganov by Ty Hutchinson

When a young man is on top of the world and looking for fun, where can he go? Re-setting your personal life can sometimes be difficult, but don’t always jump into situations that could backfire; know the ins and outs of every opportunity because they just may bring you more trouble than they are worth.

In Strogonov by Ty Hutchinson, we follow the sometimes goofy antics of Darby Stansfield. This time he is involved with the Russian mob, and is their consultant on the items he sells them. When he finds himself flush once more, he knows it is time to look for love. Is finding a woman through a dating service in the Ukraine really the right situation or will he land himself once again in danger?

Going forward Darby believes he has found the woman of his dreams, but when he inadvertently rescues a different woman from sex traffickers, his life is again in the spotlight. Unaware that he is being tailed, he heads home to determine his life going forward. When the girl of his dreams is murdered before his eyes while he is Skyping with her on line, he is mortified. To make matters worse the murderer now has a better way to track him. As people begin to die, Darby finds himself deeper in trouble than he ever thought possible.

Can he get himself out of the mess he is now in without losing any more friends and still keep his secret intact? He is on the road to destruction, but he still has hope. If he can only make it through the danger just one more time, he is ready to change his life. But is it too late to make such a commitment?

Hutchinson has given us his usual fare of fun with Darby, but this time he has put in some teeth. The murders are vicious, and the murderer is both cunning and ruthless. Yet much in the way of the Pink Panther, Darby stumbles himself out of danger time and again, and the bad guys look like fools.

This time however the fools are more dangerous and deadly. The descriptions of the murders cause chills. There is a marked menace in the way that Darby is stalked by the murder. Darby’s character is just annoying enough at times that you can understand why the bad guys get crazy when going after him, and this time is no different. Darby has gotten a bit smarter and his luck keeps him from being killed, but those around him are not protected by that umbrella.

If you enjoy crime thrillers and suspense novels you will enjoy this book. The scenes and action seem real and draw you in. The story is over before you know it, and leaves you wanting more.

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