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If you enjoy highly adventurous tales full of magic, fighting and romance you will find this tale perfect for your library.

Book Review: ‘Saga of Lyn: The Reawakening,’ An Epic Fantasy by Aric Carter

reawakeningKnowing from the beginning where life will lead, having a plan and knowing exactly what you will do with the rest of your life, can be either a dream or a burden. Yet even that knowledge can be changed in a heartbeat with no warning or preparation.

In Saga of Lyn: The Reawakening by Aric Carter, we are introduced to a wonderful family who own a tavern, The Hooded Lantern, on the main road of Tulane. This route takes travelers from the main cities to the Hitton Mountains and the sea of Galesh. Here Tegain Hostler lives and operates the tavern owned by his father and his father before him. A good-natured amiable man, he makes friends easily, and is married to the love of his life. His wife Shae and his daughter Gwyn round out his world giving him joy and love. Life could never be any better.

Closing up for the evening Tegain has a last minute visitor, one who troubles him deeply. With his family in the other room cleaning up, he is attacked and barely survives. When he awakes, his tavern is burnt to the ground and his family has perished. He is devastated and vows vengeance. When a regular trader, Karl Dunmire, a man with a military background shows up, he offers what help he can. Selling Tegain an old sword for weaponry, they join forces to take down the evil that has visited.

But there is more going on, for suddenly the sword is more than an old used weapon, much more. Tegain will need to come to terms with the secrets of the sword to wield its real power. Can he with the help of his friend Karl find those responsible for his loss? As they begin their search they find that their entire civilization is in dire trouble. Can two men find the answers and help save Tulane from the scourging evil that has awakened?

Carter has given us a story of love and loss. His description of detail revealing the characters is tender and telling, and yet there is a magic and strength of character in both his protagonists that you will find  rugged and endearing. His chtracters are an amazing mix and you find yourself so involved in the story it is hard to put down. He has given us a world of beauty and darkness as events begin to transpire, taking you on a journey of adventure and courage. His fantastic medieval word is believable and the magic is unique and energizing.

If you enjoy highly adventurous tales full of magic, fighting and romance you will find this tale perfect for your library. Be prepared. for once you begin you will find it hard to put down.  You are drawn into this world of danger with extremely likable characters, ones you have to stay with to be assured of their safety. Aric Carter is an author to watch for.  and this series has just begun with a work that will keep you looking for the next.

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