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Book Review: Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis

Fifteen hundred years ago during the time of King Arthur, Merlin made a pact with the dragons to save what was left of their race. Dragons were being methodically hunted and destroyed as evil and cruel creatures. In some cases that was exactly true: they were killing and eating farm animals, and furthermore, dragons were rounding up every jewel they could find.

On the other hand, there were also the dragons of lore. They were pure of heart and true believers. The dragon hunters refused to see the difference and planned on eradicating the entire race. In order to facilitate Merlin’s plan, the dragons would have to become human until the world was once again safe for their kind. The only real catch was that when they became human they could not produce offspring with each other — they could only create children with a full blooded human.

Raising Dragons is the story of Billy Bannister, half dragon with the ability to breathe fire, and Bonnie Silver, born with dragon wings. They are brought together by fate to become part of the prophesy to bring dragons back into the world. This challenge comes with its own set of dangers. The hunters who swore to rid the earth of dragons, have been training their decedents for over a thousand years. They too are ready for the prophesy and have every intention of completing the tasks set forth by their forebears. Only faith will determine the outcome and the final standing. Will Billy and Bonnie, along with their friends, be able to save the last of the great dragons? Come along for the adventure.

Raising Dragons is an exciting and fast-paced read. While it is considered a YA book, it is so well written and engaging I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good solid fantasy. But if you are looking for that book your young adult would love, look no further.

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