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An action packed fantasy with all the bell and whistles. A fun summer read for the youngster in your house.

Book Review: Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer by C.T. Markee

In a charming fantasy-adventure, we meet a group of youngsters who find out life is not always what it appears to be. In Otherworld Tales: Irish the Demon Slayer by C.T. Markee, we meet Pete Kehoe and his friends, Streak and Huff. Also known by his nickname, Pete goes by the moniker Irish. One summer while his grandparents visited from Ireland, he mimicked their brogue and immediately picked up the title from his friends.

On a day like any other, as Irish heads out to hang with his friends, he begins to hear voices. At first, he believes someone may be hiding in the tree, but when he searches, no one is there. Then he sees a large snake with a black stripe and red eyes. As he joins his friends, he shares his story, only to hear a voice again coming from a tree. Asking them if they can hear it, they assure him there is no voice and begin to make fun, as boys tend to do. They are on their way to an alleged witch’s house to look her over. She is an elderly woman who lives by herself, and the rumors claim her as a witch. They want to get a look at her, and plan to throw stones on her roof until she comes out.

Just as Irish prepares to throw the first stone, the woman comes out. Surprised, he turns to run and slips in the mud. When he turns over to get up, she is there. She knows who he is and tells him she has been waiting for him. When he gets up, he introduces his friends, and wants to know how she knows him and why she is waiting. She asks them in to tell them the story, and they are spellbound by what they hear. The tale is old and mythical, and deals with the world of the Sidhe. He is the chosen, the warrior of the prophecy. It is up to him to save the Sidhe and the human race.

Unsure of the story and agreeing to think about the quest, the choice is taken from them when they find that Irish’s sister Kathy has been kidnapped by Abaddon, King of the Demons. He has taken her to the mystic Irish Otherworld, and Irish must embrace his heritage to save her. Will he and his friends be able to save her? Can they stop Abaddon from taking over the world of humans? Life has just taken a turn for the wild and weird, and they must use their inner skills and strengths to save both Kathy and the world, as they know it.

Irish is a brave young man and is very close to both his friends and family. He is overwhelmed by what he hears about his quest, and while he does not initially believe the old woman, he quickly learns that his life as he knows it is all over. Life has changed, and he must embrace his heritage and power to save his sister and their world. His friends Streak and Huff are with him all the way, and while they are afraid, they are willing to help him in any way they can. They are just as all boys at that age:  just 12 years old, they are excited by the possibilities, and yet as they run into difficulties they are fearful. However,they do not let their fear decide their way; courage takes over; and each of them develops a talent unique and necessary to help Irish finish his quest.

Markee also fills in with fun and magic characters in the Otherworld. He develops an amazing cast of characters, quirky and exciting, that build on the situation as it happens. Each has a place and a reason for being, only adding to the charm and action that continues at a fast pace.

The description of Abaddon and his demon horde fill the persona of evil quite well. They are constantly looking for ways to trick the boys into making the wrong moves and can become whomever they want at will. It is imperative that each character is tested as they enter the fray, because they could be a demon is disguise.

This is a fun and interesting story that moves along quickly. Action packed and full of adventure that kids will love, it is also a wonderful book for the young at heart. Woven with real legends and characters it gives a bit of authenticity, making it even more compelling. This would be a great gift for your young reader and a perfect addition to your library. It is a fun and mythical adventure sure to please.

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