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Does motherhood preclude you being a spy, or vice versa. A fun tale of espionage.

Book Review: Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure by Beth McMullen

Being a working mother and raising a child is already a difficult job with responsibilities that create chaos in an otherwise routine existence. What would happen if the job were anything but routine? What if instead of going to the office, you worked in the government for the United States Agency for Weapons of Mass Destruction (USAWMD)?

In Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure by Beth McMullen, we find some interesting answers to this question, as we follow the life and adventures of Sally Sin. Now Sally Sin is only a pseudonym and not her real name at all. Lucy Parks Hamilton is a mom and is happily married to the man of her dreams. Her life before meeting her husband Will, or even before her precocious child Theo came into being, was anything but normal. In fact, much of what she did was extremely classified.

Lucy Hamilton is now a stay at home mom. However, little did she realize just how paranoid she would be after leaving the service. Often her days are spent staring at the door of her son’s preschool, just to make sure he is safe. She feels like she over reacts when she hear bushes rustling, or catches something out of the corner of her eye, and she certainly worries constantly about being found by her old nemesis. She tells herself she does not miss her old life, and she believes it most of the time. She loves being a wife and mother, but she can feel her paranoia beginning to spin out of control.

When her old handler shows up needing her expertise, she declines just as any mother would. Her past has no place in her present, or does it? Her husband has no idea of her background, and she has been free of the job for over 10 years. Why now? As she begins to understand her family is at risk, she has no choice but to get back into the fold. But how does she do that and still maintain her secrecy? Will taking care of this one last job for the agency free her from her fear and cut her final link to the past?

This is a fun and action filled spy adventure that takes you along for a novel ride. Beth McMullen has developed a cast of wonderful characters, and created a fun and exciting story of adventure. Sally Sin is back, and her character is one you can really enjoy. Very funny and engaging, she is anything but a normal mom. She has all the caring and love for her family, but she also has the instincts and patterns of the job she thought she had left. McMullen has found a unique way of marrying the spy and the mom and making a very credible and fun story.

Each character is well thought out, and in some cases just a bit mysterious. Through all the various attempts at her life, Lucy is able to continue to juggle her family and keep them safe. I enjoyed the humor and intrigue, as well as the thought process that is important to the story.

If you enjoy Cozy Mysteries, and just a fun and action filled read with both humor and subtlety, you will enjoy the premise of this book. It is engaging and entertaining. I look forward to reading further adventures of Sally Sin.

This would be a great book for a trip or just a summertime treat. It is light and funny, with just a bit of darkness and evil twisted into the mix. The characters leap from the page, and the danger to Sally keeps you guessing how she will react. Yet each time you may find yourself surprised; she is quite adept at what she does. The pace will keep you turning the pages, and the story will have you chuckling. It is a must have summer read for the lighthearted mystery and spy fan.


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