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New book, 'No Such Thing as Death,' teaches people not to grieve death but surrender to the divine.

Book Review: ‘No Such Thing as Death’ by Sarmina Rutter

No Such Thing as Death by Sarmina RutterIn No Such Thing as Death, Sarmina Rutter takes readers on a personal, heartfelt, and empowering journey through the grief she experienced in losing her husband and then the amazing life-affirming moments that followed when he revealed to her that he was not dead at all but simply existing on another plane.

After that surprising event, Sarmina realized that all her life she’d had strange, unexplainable, and intuitive experiences.

In the early chapters of the book, Sarmina tells us her life story. How she was raised by parents from Bangladesh who constantly traveled and lived in various places in the world because her father was a doctor. Her father was also an entrepreneur, and when Sarmina got older, she worked in one of his convenience stores where she almost lost her life during a robbery.

And then she moved to Hawaii and met her husband, Kenji. Kenji was from Japan and he was a free spirit who loved life and taught Sarmina how to enjoy it as well. Together, they had a daughter and everything seemed to be going wonderfully until it was discovered that Kenji had a life-threatening tumor. I won’t go into all the details here—Sarmina tells them in the book—but ultimately, Kenji died and Sarmina was left grieving.

And then some amazing things happened—things that cannot be explained in any way other than to believe that Kenji was trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave. Sarmina provides plenty of evidence in the book that this communication occurred. I won’t list all the amazing occurrences here, but one of them was that after death, somehow Kenji’s Facebook account began “Liking” photos Sarmina posted to her own account. After making certain Kenji’s account was not being hacked, Sarmina had to believe her husband was communicating with her.

But No Such Thing as Death is so much more than just one woman’s story of communicating with her husband who is now part of the afterlife. It is full of food for thought about life and its spiritual side and the workings of the universe.

The book is divided into three sections: “The Journey” (which tells Sarmina’s personal story), “Destiny vs. Free Will,” and “The Fifth Dimension.” The second section raises and answers questions about the spiritual and “magical” dimensions of our existence in this world. Building upon the Law of Attraction, Sarmina demonstrates how we all have choices in life. Sarmina explores important aspects of human existence that make a compelling difference in our lives and the evolution of our souls; at the heart of these is forgiveness.

Sarmina also talks about karma and karmic debts, not in a doom and gloom way, but to reveal the soul agreements that we make and how we clear karmic debts to ourselves and each other. Finally, she warns us that too often we allow social programming to keep us from living spiritually. In the end, she believes that everything is well and everything we need is provided for us. Unfortunately, we sometimes choose negative thinking rather than a positive perspective. Sarmina states:

“In the end, the quality of our lives depends so much upon the perspective we choose. Choose the right one when it comes to the transition of your loved one and every other situation you encounter; then you may discover that nothing is really ever lost in the grand scheme of things, and your life can be renewed and strengthened in ways you never could have imagined before.”

In the final section, readers may well be in for a mind-blowing experience. Sarmina explores how we can learn to open up portals to the fifth dimension by learning to be non-judgmental, and when we do so, we can experience miracles in our lives.

In short, this is a fascinating book. It is a deeply moving and beautiful exploration of not just the possibilities available to all of us when we are open to them but also the realities of the universe that are perhaps too often hidden from us, but that are there when we look for them. Anyone grieving will find comfort in these pages. Anyone who needs a lift, will find this book to be a jolt of life-affirming wisdom. This book may well be that life-changing one that you have been waiting for. Few books have moved me so deeply, and I thank Sarmina for sharing her experiences and revealing what is available for all of us.

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