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Book Review: No Cure for the Broken Hearted by Kenneth Rosenberg

I have heard it said, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Life is not always what you plan. Sometimes what happens in your youth changes those plans in unexpected ways. Katherine Spencer had such an epiphany; meeting a young Nick Bancroft at just sixteen years of age, she finds herself wildly in love. However, when the wealthy young man returns home, she never hears from him again.

She becomes the best in her field, a young architect on the precipice of becoming extremely successful. However, how is it that just as her dreams are becoming reality, she is brought back to earth by a request from none other than Nick Bancroft. He is hoping to have her design his dream home. Initially she refuses; she does not do homes, only offices and company buildings. Nevertheless, when she has a run-in with Nick’s latest girlfriend, her disgust leads her to change her mind.

Being around Nick is a bit hurtful; he does not seem to realize that her feelings are still bruised after all this time. He feels as though they are friends and looks to her for guidance. It is incredible for her that he does not understand, but there are deeper issues at work.

As Nick’s life comes crashing around him, and he seeks the solution, can Katherine be the one to bring him home? In No Cure for the Broken Hearted, Kenneth Rosenberg has engendered characters that walk right off the pages. They are very human, with both weakness and strengths that are unique and yet just a twist away from those experienced by most people. They are very likable, with traits that you can relate to. In Nick, Rosenberg has given us a troubled youth and yet still a troubled man, not following his own dreams but those of his family. Can he become the man he wants to be before it is too late?

Katherine is a strong woman and has grown up with a faint taint of bitterness. She has held herself back from feelings and thrown herself into her work. There is a catharsis in the drawing and designing, keeping that small feeling of bitterness at bay. Her friends worry about her and would like to see her enjoying herself more. Until Nick contacts her for the home he wants built, she had not even realized that she still had feelings. As they come in contact, she finally realizes her feelings are just as deep and have not faded away as she had thought.

Nick is a very troubled young man. Very in love with Katherine in his youth, he has grown up and moved on. He has dated many of the great beauties of the land and is currently seeing one of them now. He is reasonably sure this is the woman for him, but when he is in close proximity to Katherine, he is no longer so sure.

This is a story about inner truth and strength, and yes romance as well. When life is more than what is expected and can twist even the smallest dreams, is there hope when it all crashes down? Sometimes even the brightest butterfly needs to escape and make its way. This is a story of that journey. Everything is not always what it seems.

This is a steady and well-written romance.The pace is a little slow, but smooth. It is about finding your strength and holding to who you are. Rosenberg has written a solid romance, with depth and thought. A great read for those looking for romance and just a bit of truth.


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