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Romance often comes in the darkest of times to light of the shadows of your heart.

Book Review: ‘Maddie’s Choice’ by Joyce Zeller

18369023Chance encounters are often just that, yet there are times of serendipitous interactions, when a reason exists unknowingly that will change a person’s life forever: a meeting that changes both parties, setting in motion a chain of events unexpected in the beginning.

In Maddie’s Choice by Joyce Zeller, you will find yourself charmed by the interaction of characters that are thrown together due to an encounter in the past. Maddie is a writer finding that depression and anxiety have become a part of her life. Unhappy with her writer’s block and unsure how to resurrect her flailing abilities, she receives a letter giving her half a cattle ranch from a man she had met many years before during a sudden storm. Having kept in touch over the years, she had no idea of his intentions.

Needing the opportunity to get away, she is convinced that the break will jump start her writing. She has no intention of accepting the boon; she just wants to take a peak. Unprepared for what she finds when she gets there, her heart and temper get the best of her.

Gideon Spartman has his own dilemma. A Black-ops veteran with his own ghosts, he finds himself the guardian of two young boys and half owner of a ranch he doesn’t want. He is furious about the will leaving a stranger part of the property and makes sure to let Maddie know of his feelings as soon as he meets her.

The chemistry is undeniable though, and flames leap to the surface of a story that is heartbreaking as well as dangerous. Cattle rustling is destroying the very fabric of the small, sleepy, town’s livelihood and the stakes have just gotten higher.

The tension and anger simmer below the surface but the attraction sizzles off the pages in this unforgettable story of love and courage. If you are a fan of Westerns packed full of action, you will enjoy this work. Romance aficionados will find the heartbeat of the story holding them hostage even as mayhem breaks loose, cementing a set of feelings long denied.

Zeller has given us a romance with teeth and put it in a setting full of possibilities and excitement. The characters are not without flaw and the interaction of people and events takes you there among them.

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