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Hiddin in the darkness of the gaming world, a killer awaits.

Book Review: ‘Lumpini Park’ by Ty Hutchinson

21420511The thrill of the chase refers to the adrenaline rush that comes from certain dangerous situations. This is sometimes sought as in the adrenaline junkie, but is also involved in some cases with the high stakes game of murder.

In Lumpini Park by Ty Hutchinson, his character, Abby Kane, is hot on the chase of a sadistic game playing team, which leaves dead bodies throughout the world. Having found the most recent killers she knows there is more at stake for the kingpin; the one responsible for building the game is still at large, and the time and place of the killings has only moved venues. Bangkok, Thailand, is where she finds the next kill is going to be, yet her biggest issue is how to work with, and in her case around, the local police of that area.

Yet now the case becomes even more deadly. The killer is already roaming, looking for the perfect kill, and Abby is no longer faceless. She is now in the cross hairs of this elite group of killers, and with no jurisdiction she is unsure whom to trust. She must decide if this is the one where she walks away, or if she goes in with her usual style and bravado. Without her usual backup, she is also on the leaderboard of the game, moving up and bringing herself into danger in a way she had not anticipated.

Can Abby learn to trust the local police force or do they have their own agenda where she may just fall victim to their own internal strife? She has to make a decision and for her there is only one. She must find the king pin and end the game, there is no other option.

Hutchinson continues his series with his exciting character in the form of Abby Kane. Gritty and gutsy, she is also chocked full of countering characteristics that come out in unique ways. At each dilemma you see more of her development, and find her faults to give her even more character. There is vulnerability but a rock solid strength that keeps you guessing about her decisions. Lumpini Park takes us into a world very different from our own, and Hutchinson brings Thailand to life in an intriguing way.

If you enjoy suspense and thrillers you will find this a great addition to your library. Even with the danger you will find it packed with Hutchinson’s unique humor. If you have read any of the other Abby Kane thrillers this will top of your list. This is a must have read for the mystery aficionado.


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