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'If I Forget You' by Thomas Christopher Greene is the tale of two lovers finding each other again after years and lives apart.

Book Review: ‘If I Forget You’ by Thomas Christopher Greene

Thomas Christopher Greene, author of Mirror Lake, I’ll Never Be Long Gone, Envious Moon, After The Rain and The Headmaster’s Wife presents his latest spell-binding novel, If I Forget You.

The novel is a lyrical and narrative work of art, combining poetry and prose in such a way that the story seems to float off the pages. If I Forget You weaves the tale of two young lovers who meet in college, Henry and Margot. These two people from different sides of the tracks have their love wretchedly torn apart by unforeseen circumstances. More than twenty years later and entirely by chance, they meet again on a New York City street. The story begins to unravel what happened between them all those years ago, and how it will affect this offered chance of re-connection.

Alternating between 1991 and 2012, Green offers the possibility of exploring the likelihood of finding that first love again. How time doesn’t alter that unique feeling of belonging to one person, even in the harsh light of well-kept secrets and long overdue confessions.

Green presents a complex novel that is equally simple in its purity of emotions. Although the speed in which events happen after Henry and Margot find each other again after so long may seem rushed, it doesn’t curtail the depth and profound emotional unraveling between these two people, who fervidly gravitate towards each other as naturally as if twenty-one years had never passed between them.

If I Forget You is narrative art at its best, words flowing from the page as they relate a tale of love, loss, family, marriage and poetry. Thomas Christopher Greene knows exactly what cords to pluck in the heart and in the mind, reminding us that true love never goes away, and that it is entirely possible to find it again even if we believed it lost for good.

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